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Posted by Mira Shah on 12 September 2016 11:34 AM

We thought we would share with you our latest update. This one
is related to the next generation Network for CCTV. Optical Solutions Australia have spent the last three years developing a new concept where an established CCTV network can be connected to another without any High Level Interfacing. Also, another exclusive, the first commercial CCTV camera range with fibre optic interfaces.

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New Product Available - VMS‐CP‐E‐VZ‐F
Posted by Mira Shah on 17 August 2016 02:03 PM

VMS‐CP‐E‐VZ‐F1080P with 30x Zoom and Ultra Wide Dynamic Range

The VMS‐CP‐E‐VZ‐F is a full HD quad‐stream IP66 and IK10 PTZ dome IP camera with RJ45 and SFP support. The camera features the latest in low light sensor technology to enable colour video down to 0.02 lux and B&W to 0.005 lux.

A motorised 4‐132mm zoom lens with various focus modes is fitted which provides crystal clear images over a very long distance.

Multiple video compression formats provide optimisation for storage and network utilisation. It is also able to operate from ‐40°C to 50°C making it ideal for extreme weather installations. This camera is fea

ture rich with privacy masking, image stabilisation, micro SD support, BNC analogue output, ultra wide dynamic range plus much more.

live streaming the VMS-CP-E-VZ-F,  SFP PTZ camera that is mounted to our roof, live to YouTube


  • RJ45 and SFP ports for versatile installation
  • 1080P at up to 60 frames per second
  • Quad simultaneous H.264 streams
  • Dual Shutter Ultra Wide Dynamic Range 120dB
  • 30x Optical Zoom + 12x Digital Zoom
  • Electronic Image Stabilisation for windy conditions
  • BNC 1Vp‐p 75Ω analogue video output
  • Weather proof IP66 and impact resistant IK10 enclosure
  • ONVIF profile S conformant
  • Multiple power options: PoE+, 12VDC, 24VAC
  • Motorised F1.4 4.4‐132mm lens with auto focus
  • 3 year conditional advanced replacement warranty

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Successful Event Announcement
Posted by Mira Shah on 17 August 2016 12:40 PM

We were proud to host a successful combined event with our partners COMMSCOPE and EXFO in Melbourne on Monday 8th August, 2016.

The successful “ New Technology Luncheon Presentation “ presented by Ashley Martin (Commscope Senior Technical Manager, South Pacific) and Alan McReynolds (EXFO Regional Manager, ANZ and Pacific Islands) provided customers with an in-depth technical information and discussion presentation, with topics covered as follows:

  • CommScope Powered Fibre Cable System — providing a solution for data and power to a remote device – greater than 100 meters from a Communications Room.
  • Wideband Multimode Fibre — Extending the Multimode Network and where we are headed next according to IEEE and ISO Standards.
  • Passive Optical Networks ( PON ) — Traditional LAN vs. Optical LAN infrastructure
  • Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) — Quareo Technology and the benefits of Automated Infrastructure Management in connected and efficient buildings
  • Effective Testing and Troubleshooting of Fibre Cabling Infrastructure — Advancements that have been made to Tier 1 & 2 test equipment to also include fibre end-face inspection, reporting, cleaning, and referencing techniques to test MM/SM Fibre that comply with the changing Fibre Optic standards
  • Fibre Monitoring – Fibre Infrastructure Monitoring solutions that offer ongoing Fibre management services specific to Infrastructure, Campus, and Multi-building networks).

We would like to thank our customers who attended; who we are certain found value in the presentations. At Optical Solutions Australia, we provide a unique position to offer our integration and installation partners and customers a best-in-class solution every time, which is highlighted by the world class, local and international, vendors and suppliers that we represent.

Contact Information:

Optical Solutions Australia
Phone: 1300 130 423

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New Product Available - FC-8R
Posted by Mira Shah on 22 July 2016 03:27 PM

FC-8R-FC is a hand held cleaver with auto rotating blade, smart cleave counter and offcut collector, for up to 12 fiber ribbon.

Upgrade version of FC-7R, the industry's first automatic blade rotation cleaver.
Always ensures high precision cleaves.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • One hand operation with minimal steps
  • The FC-8R can make 60,000 cleaves. Manual blade rotation and blade height adjustment are not necessary.
  • Advanced automatic fiber offcut collection

Find Datasheet here

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Euro 2016 poses major security challenge for public authorities
Posted by Mira Shah on 12 July 2016 02:25 PM

As football fans gather in France to celebrate the biggest sports event in Europe, the Euro2016 tournament sets up a major security challenge for public authorities.

Starting on June 10, the 2016 UEFA European Championships takes place in 12 locations across France. In addition to the participating teams, the biggest sports event in Europe attracts more than 2,5 million visitors and sets up an ex-tensive security challenge for the public authorities. Calls for more video surveillance have risen to increase security in football stadiums as well as in public spaces such as train and metro stations, shopping centres and tourist attractions.

Due to the terrorist threat and other events such as the recent violent clashes among sports fans, security needs are often emphasized during major public gatherings. In public, the use of video surveillance is expected to bring more security to people and operations, but the fact is that many video surveillance systems are actually build up to gather footage and evidential material. To provide the expected security value, these systems need to evolve towards taking a proactive approach to security and enable measures that go beyond traditional video recording. The traditional fixed systems also need to become quickly adaptable to temporary and mission-critical operations involved in events like Euro2016.

A modern, sophisticated video security system is more than just video surveillance. It ties together fixed and mobile video sources, mobile security forces in the field, as well as stationary and temporary operation control centres. Ex-panding a fixed system with mobile and temporary modules can create an agile tool that supports efficient decision making and fits the needs of multiple authorities. However, as the number of operators and video cameras involved can rise extremely high, designing, building and operating such a system requires careful design and advanced inte-gration capabilities. What is more, data security and encryption within the system needs to be fully guaranteed during the operations.

Despite the challenges, we will see video surveillance implementations becoming more and more complex and so-phisticated in the future. To meet the requirements of flexibility and easy adaptation to changing environments, capa-bilities for mobile and temporary operations will be further emphasized. In addition, reinforcing the systems with fea-tures such as video content analysis will take intelligence deeper into the operations, and make it possible to utilize a set of automatic features to promote security. What we are ultimately talking about is approaching security from a pro-active point of view, in which footage, timely and accurate information, operative capabilities, and analytical features all unite in a seamless, operative entity.

Case reference: Teleste’s video security solution backs up public security in France

The Paris Police Prefecture and the French National Police have deployed Teleste’s video security solution to ensure the safety of people and operations in several locations in France during the 2016 UEFA European Championships. The deployment continues Teleste’s previous co-operation with the Paris Police Prefecture which has utilised our solu-tion to enhance security in the greater Paris area since 2010.

The deployment is carefully designed to meet the needs of the public authorities during the entire tournament. It in-cludes Teleste’s S-VMX mobility platform that extends the capabilities of the company’s S-VMX video management system to all security forces, police officers and first responders on the move. It offers many different possibilities and functions for CCTV mobile operation, including push HD video from an operating centre to mobile devices, mobile camera control from tablets, as well as the localisation of phones and tablets in real time on georeferenced maps, to name but a few.

The implementation, which also enables the effective use of temporary and moving video sources, such as drones and helicopter cameras and mobile command centres, is made possible by the Command & CaptureTM application that allows a seamless federation of events and tasks to a core system and their control from a single operating point. In addition, the best of cryptographic technologies are utilised to ensure fully secured and encrypted communication within the system over both public and private networks.

Click here to find out more about Teleste's solutions and it's implementation in Paris

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